Gardening Services

Here are some of our gardening services we provide.
Tree related services please visit our Tree Surgery Services page
Weeding Spraying
Taking out the unwanted weeds, allowing your plants to grow through. A well maintained bed is the key to success of flower and plant growth.
The pruning of different plants happens at different times of the year and you prune using different methods to help the plants growth. It is necessary to control the plants growing patterns and to help them flower. If pruned incorrectly plants may not recover.
Mulching helps keep weeds at bay and provides a neat look to your borders, as well as providing nutrients, organic matter to improve soil structure, and maintaining soil moisture during the summer.
Hedge cutting and shaping
Keeping your hedges cut makes your property look so much tidier and is imperative for proper growth. Our experienced staff will cut or shape your hedges to any of your personal specifications.
Shade Clearing for Solar Panels
We are able to identify existing impacts of shade trees and advise how to best clear them to maximise the use of your solar panels. 
General & Garden Waste Removal
We can remove all existing general and/or garden waste.  This is then taken to a commercial green recycling centre.
Roof Gutter & Window Cleaning
Gutter clean your property and protect your home from water damage.
Window cleaning made easy as we have the equipment that allows us to clean many external surfaces 19 metres height and 9 metres reach with very tight access ability. 
Powerline Clearing
We can prune trees and shrubs around powerlines. 

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